Semiconductor Testing

Semiconductor Logistics Corporation is proud to provide the following value added services:

Test services for Diode, Transistor, Zener, Power Mosfet, Triac, Rectifier, SCR, UJT, PUT, J-Fets, IGBT, Power transistors, Small signal transistors, and other discrete semiconductor devices.

Our test capabilities feature:

Up to 25KV Blocking and Reverse Voltage Capabilities
Up to 500A Forward Voltage with 1mV Resolution
Up to 25KV Reverse Leakage with 1 nanoamp Resolution
1mV Zener Voltage resolution
Zener Impedance @ 1KHz
Resolution to 0.1 Nanosecond for Reverse and Forward Recovery Time
Capacitance Testing from 1KHz to 1MHz
IFSM Capabilities up to 1,000A
Low Temperature and Elevated Temperature Testing
Single Test Measure and/or High Speed Data Log
Math Software for Delta Test Parameter Calculations
Statistical Analysis of Test Data

We also feature:

Kitting, Preservation Packaging, Tape & Reel
High Temperature Reverse Bias Burn In (HTRB)
Forward / Power Burn In (BI)
Temperature Cycle ( ≤ -100 °C to ≥ 200 °C)
Fine Leak and Gross Leak
Environmental ( Shock, Vibration, Acceleration )
Other Hi-Rel testing ( SEM, RGA, PDA,)