Semiconductor Franchised Lines

SSDI is a world-renowned leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of electronic components, assemblies, modules, and subsystems. As a pioneer semiconductor manufacturer for over 40 years, we have earned and maintained a reputation for setting the highest standards of reliability and performance. This reputation has been built upon our unsurpassed technology and quality in the areas of high density/high power and high voltage discrete semiconductors and modules.

SSDI's products are designed to meet the critical needs of many markets including:


It has been our long-standing commitment to enhance our standard product line with custom products manufactured to fit our customers' exact specifications and needs. Included in our product offering are:

Power High Voltage Rectifiers
Power Schottky Rectifiers
Power Mosfets and IGBT's
Power Modules and Hybrids
Power Transistors and Darlingtons
Zeners and Transient Voltage Suppressors
Die Products
High Voltage Modules and Assemblies
High Voltage Power Supplies
Voltage Multipliers
Obsolete and DMS Semiconductors
IGBT/Mosfet Bridge Assemblies
Parts Management
Testing and Screening Services